What You Need To Know About SR-22 Insurance

A lot of people have no idea what SR-22 insurance entails because they have never been in a position where they have needed it. Several people know SR-22 as a certificate of financial responsibility. It is important to note that SR-22 is not a type of car insurance. SR-22s are filed by one’s insurance company. SR-22s are required by drivers who are eager to get back on the road since your insurance company guarantees the state that you are financially able to cover any accident you cause. You can only get an SR-22 after purchasing a car insurance cover. If you already have a car insurance policy, ask your insurance company to add and file an SR-22 with the state. You will be forced to find another company if your company does not file SR-22s because not all of them are mandated to do so.

If you need an SR-22 and your current insurer does not offer it, you can look for a second company and buy a non-owner policy. Buying a non-owner policy is a smart move if you do not want to lose your primary insurer. Some do it because they have bundled coverage with their primary insurer.

There are many reasons behind the need for SR-22 insurance. The most common reason why people buy SR-22 insurance is for being caught driving under the influence. One is also required to file an SR-22 for breaking many traffic laws in a short period. People also file SR-22s after being involved in accidents without insurance covers. You may also be asked to file an SR-22 if you are arrested for driving a registered vehicle without displaying your car insurance. SR-22s are a must for drivers who want their licenses reinstated after revocation.

An SR-22 insurance cover is important because it prevents a lapse in coverage. You should never allow your insurance policy to lapse because if you do, your insurance company will raise your premiums.

SR-22 is one way for you to ensure that you keep your driver’s license. If you fall into the category of high-risk drivers, the state has the power to revoke your license. You can enter the high-risk category for several reasons. You will enter the high-risk category if you are caught driving while drunk, driving recklessly, or breaking traffic laws. If you wish to get back on the road with no worries, then you need SR-22 insurance. Before you buy an SR-22 insurance policy, shop around to identify the most cost-effective.

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