How to install a generator to home installation, of course, need to be studied before you decide to use the generator as a backup power source at home, if one-day experience blackouts. Of course, to be able Generator installation at the house is not an easy thing to do. In general, we are not allowed to directly connect the flow of electricity from the generator engine to the household electricity network. Surely it can cause fatal damage if the electricity suddenly turns back on but the generator is still connected directly to the home electricity network. How to install a generator to a home network without having to call a technician.

The following is a step-by-step review of how to install a generator installation at home as your reference in the process of installing a generator installation at home.

How to install a generator at home can be started by preparing a variety of tools needed. Some of the tools that you must provide first before you start the process of installing the generator to a home electrical installation are Ohm switch, clamps for switches of several sizes, pliers, isolation, Electrical outlet Test, screwdriver and good quality cables according to your needs. Besides, we also include block diagrams on how to install a generator electricity installation at home.

After you prepare the various kinds of equipment needed above, the next step is to understand how to install a generator at home. The switch that you have provided is useful for choosing or determining the flow of electricity to be used leading to electrical installations in the house.

On this switch, on average there are 3 section positions to choose the load, which are bottom, middle, and top. If the position of the switch is in the middle, then that position is used in the neutral position. This condition indicates that there is no electric current flowing into the home installation. Furthermore, the top and bottom positions on the switch are adjusted to your wishes or individual tastes. You can use the top position of the switch for the flow of electricity from the State Electricity Enterprise and use the bottom position of the switch for the flow of electricity from the generator.

The next stage is to the installation of the cables that are on the Ohm switch or large switch. For example, you will use the top position for the State Electricity Enterprise network and that position for the generator network. In the first stage, you can do the assembly or installation of lines in advance for electricity from the generator. Please attach the cable from the generator to the down position on the Ohm switch. You must check and ensure that the cables are installed correctly and neatly arranged.

In the next stage, please turn off the electricity coming from the State Electricity Enterprise, including terminating the mainline. Mount the cables in the up position on the Ohm switch. Next, please connect the path that is on the Ohm switch output to the installation network in your home.

So you do not need to turn off the electrical loads that are in the house when you want to turn on the generator, it is recommended to install many MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) after installing the Ohm switch. The aim is to make it easier to reduce the use of electric currents from generators. This is done if the possibility of the power generator that you have is not able to turn on all the electrical loads in the house.

After the installation process is complete and all cables are installed properly and correctly, then the last step is to close the Ohm switch with the cover provided on the outside. Then you can try to turn on electricity from the State Electricity Enterprise through the MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) installed in the KWH meter. Position the Ohm switch at the top where the position is to choose the flow of electricity to be supplied to the home installation is that of State Electricity Enterprise. Also, make sure that the power supply MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) is installed after the Ohm switch is in the ON position.

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