When its time to redecorate a room, make sure you do not neglect the space beneath your feet. A good rug can add color and style while also creating different atmospheres. Before you go shopping at your local rug store in Atlanta GA, there are some things you need to consider. Here are some tips for choosing the right rug depending on the space you will put it in.

Living Room

Areas where you entertain guests or hang out with family are a popular spot for rugs. A rectangular rug is the most common choice and you want to aim for something big enough that most or all of your furniture overlaps a little on the edges. If your rug is too small, you risk making the room feel uncoordinated and if your rug is too large, the space can seem cluttered.


If you have a master bedroom, you may have enough space for a reading area or desk. A long, thin rug between these items and your bed can create a feeling of separation that help you create a nice work-life balance. For smaller bedrooms, a bedside rug that is plush and soft is a great way for your feet to meet the floor. Rugs in children’s rooms can also double as toys by featuring city roads or fantasy maps.


An entryway rug makes a statement about your home. Choose something bold and detailed, unless you want a simplistic, modern look. Avoid rugs that blend too well into the floor as they can be hard to spot. Finally, anywhere you place a rug, make sure it is well stuck to the floor so no one trips on it.

When you start shopping at a rug store in Atlanta GA, keep these tips in mind. Arriving with an idea of what you want makes it easier to find what you need.

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