Bamboo flooring. Looking for Bamboo flooring is usually a bit daunting. Trinity has been within the bamboo flooring business since 2016. Bamboo flooring is a superb alternative for many who want the look of hardwood at a barely higher worth. The average price of hardwood flooring swings wildly between $three-15 per square foot.

On this case, although, fairly than stable bamboo flooring planks, skinny veneer layers are lower from the molded blocks of bamboo. Tongue-and-groove planks are the most common, although some strand-woven bamboo products use click-and-lock connection strategies.Bamboo Flooring

Strand-woven bamboo is extremely arduous—among the many hardest and most sturdy of all flooring supplies, including hardwoods. Strand-woven solid bamboo is suitable for any comparatively dry, above-grade, interior installation, akin to dwelling rooms, hallways, and bedrooms.Bamboo Flooring

Here is an inventory of what to look for when trying to find excessive-quality bamboo flooring. This is the most typical sort of bamboo flooring put in. Tongue-and-groove forms of strand-woven strong bamboo are put in in the same method as traditional strong hardwood flooring—nailed or glued to a plywood or MDF subfloor.

If you install strand bamboo, you will not have to fret about heavy furniture or unintended drops denting your flooring. Properly completed bamboo flooring cleans easily with a mop and delicate cleaning soap. As a “floating flooring,” there may be some flex to this floor; they don’t seem to be as solid underfoot as solid nail-down bamboo.Bamboo Flooring

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