Autumn brings cold days, afternoons and shifting leaf color and leaf fall. In the past, if you wanted to restore the yard from under the leaves, you had to wait for the wind to blow on it, or sweep the leaves yourself. The wind often blows more leaves from the legs of trees and into the yard, and sweeping the leaves themselves can cause tension in your spine. Not to mention the time needed for the bag and discard the leaves. Leaf blowers make the fall more bearable and cordless leaf blowers can make it more, eliminating the boundaries and locations of electrical outlets. Now you can enjoy changing seasons rather than being afraid.

 Some of the benefits of a wireless blower are No more tangles and length limit on the power cord.

 Save time, energy and money. Cordless blowers now have rechargeable batteries and have the best battery powered leaf blower so it is more durable, no longer forces you to spend money on gas or withstand dangerous scents.

 With gas-powered commercial blower emissions reduced, you don’t have to worry about injuring ozone.

 A cordless leaf blower is quieter than its predecessor, which uses wires, so you don’t disturb neighbors. Experience the Leaf Blower

 The experience about Leaf Blowers

 Looking for the best leaf blower so you don’t have to spend the whole weekend sweeping leaves? This is probably the most boring and tedious page job.

 One thing I hate about falling is all the time I spend sweeping and pocketing the leaves. I have 3 oaks on the side of my yard that seem devoted to making my life miserable.

 If you still use a good old-fashioned rake then I have the choice to make your life easier. I think this is the best leaf blower for 3 reasons:

 The leaf blower that I use has a very powerful motor that allows me to “pile up” the leaves easily and quickly. In addition, he collected more leaves so I didn’t spend time trying to sweep away some leaves that refused to move (you know what I’m talking about). So instead of spending a day sweeping, I can move leaves to a pile to collect them. The motors in some of the other blowers are weak so when you have heavy leaves due to wetness, the less powerful motors cannot move them much. This blower takes them and moves them to the place you want.

 The leaf blower that I use has a vacuum so after I collect it into a pile, I can use the vacuum to suck the leaves into the bag, then easily empty them into the bag for collection. Many of the vacuum blower suction abilities are limited (especially because of the blower and want you to take the leaf by hand afterward.) So after you collect the leaves, you can use a vacuum to blow them into the bag so you don’t keep bending to pick the leaves.

 With this blower, he sifts the leaves so I have to empty them a little more. Many of the leaf vacuums have a plastic knife but what I use uses a metal knife instead of plastic. Not only grind leaves but sometimes I have a thin stick that goes in there and takes care of them. I would not be able to do that with a vacuum with a plastic knife. Coupled with a metal knife, the blower will last longer. I can also put more in a bag so I empty it less and use fewer bags than if I just sweep and fill. Talk about win/win!

 I have had this leaf blower for three years and I can tell you it works as well as the first day I bought it. Is it not perfect? Because of electricity, you have to deal with moving cables and wires always seem to find something to catch but for low cost and the fact that it is lightweight compared to gas-powered blowers. I believe it is the best leaf blower for a weekend raker.

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