Tips On How To Maintain Your Cuban Links Newly Polished

Tips On How To Maintain Your Cuban Links Newly Polished – When you buy pieces of jewelry, you would gladly put them on and wear them every day if they are meant for daily use because you wanted to show everybody what you’ve just got. We all know that precious metals, such as gold are quite pricy so it is not that easy to save money for such purchases but we try to collect funds for this investment. Therefore, we have to make sure that we are buying items from trustworthy sellers because we know our sacrifices and what we have been through while saving such a large amount.

There is even a risk after buying the necklace that we had been dreaming of because its price could be very interesting to thieves so you have to be careful not to wear them in dangerous areas. Apart from that, you have to be meticulous on how you are going to keep them in good condition because putting them on frequently means that they may get dirty or scratched. This means that you have to learn how to handle this with care, store them in a safe jewelry box, and make sure that your kids won’t reach it.

Pieces of jewelry made of precious metals and gemstones will surely be an investment since the price of gold increases as years go by. Indeed it would be a great idea to purchase a 14k gold cuban link chain, especially when this is designed with a diamond clasp which makes it more attractive. Anyway, since this is a luxury item, you should at least have ample ideas on how you are going to maintain its pristine look.

Cuban Links

These jewels are usually linked to streetwear and are known for their versatility so it is fine to put them daily or as long as it suits your attire. This is crafted in a way that it resembles a rope-like pattern. This shines well but you should make sure to learn how to clean it because it can acquire all sorts of debris.

With genuine precious metals, you know that these accessories won’t rust. Therefore, your only concern is to clean it so that it can always look new. Keep in mind that this jewel will shine as bright as it can be as long as you can polish it nicely, and use and store it properly to avoid dents.


It would be best to remove it after wearing it, especially before going to bed. This is supposed to be a usual routine. So make it a habit to avoid damage.

The chain is firm but put the necklace in a box and not just in any drawer so it won’t get twisted. If you notice that the chain is getting firm or tangled, use a drop of oil on that part to loosen it. Don’t rub too hard so you won’t worsen the condition – visit for more tips.

Tips On How To Maintain Your Cuban Links Newly Polished

Washing with Water

You will need a basin with warm water so soak the cuban link there. Lay the chain flat and make sure the chain is not twisted. Add a small amount of mild dishwashing liquid, and then use a very soft brush to clean the links.

After rinsing, prepare a soft cloth and gently wipe the surface to dry it. Avoid using fabrics that can leave fibers on the necklace. So it won’t be a good idea to dry them with paper towels or tissue.

Let’s assume that your cuban link was not cleaned for a long time so as expected, you’ll find some metal tarnish around the loops. In this case, add aluminum foil to the bottom of the basin and add salt, then clean it with soap to wash away contaminants. You may repeat this step if you can still find tarnishes.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

You might also be familiar with a more high-tech way to polish your golden chain – read more for steps on how to use this. Through an ultrasonic device, you do not need to soak your necklace in warm water because we can let the machine do the work.

With this technology, sound waves with high frequency and chemical aid will be applied. You will then notice that bubbles come out, clutching off the dirt from the chain. I guess you would love to have this device because it is indeed an effective way of keeping your jewels polished so it will look like a new one.

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