From pool parties to after-work dips, pools are a great source of fun and fitness, especially during the warmer months of the year. Here are just a couple reasons why installing a backyard pool may be worth the investment.

Make the Most of the Summer

Nothing beats the summer heat quite like diving into a swimming pool. Investing in a few quality pool toys or floats can add to the fun. If you want to use your pool year-round, but live in an area that experiences all four seasons in full, consider covering your pool by building a surrounding structure to protect it from the elements. If you are not sure where to begin, try Googling ‘swimming pools pittsburgh pa’ (or whichever town you live in) to find out where the pool supply and installation companies closest to you are.

Help Kids Stay Active

Having a pool in the backyard is a great way to help kids of all ages stay active throughout the year. When school, piano lessons, or other mentally-stimulating hobbies have your kids booked for most of the day, having a way for them to easily get exercise at home can be a big time-saver. Plus, if you join them for a game of Marco Polo or Sharks and Minnows, then you get the benefit of spending time with your kids and getting some exercise yourself, too. If you are unsure about having your children swim at home, getting them involved in swimming lessons or, depending on their age, getting them certified in CPR, can help make at-home pool time a much safer activity.

A backyard pool can make a great summer even greater and can help every member of the family be more active. Installing a home pool can be well worth the investment, especially if it is used year-round.

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